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3rd-Apr-2011 09:12 pm - [news] another musical!
Giselle - in the throng
Hi, guys! Just a quick update. No official news articles or anything, but I'm living in Korea and have seen ads for this. Also I searched on Play DB and you can find the info (in Korean) here.

Lina and Sunday are both doing a musical! They are going to be in Korea's March of Youth, which is being put on by PMC Production at the Coex Artium (PMC has also in the past put on Legally Blonde featuring Jessica and Hey Bro! featuring Onew and Jay). They are playing the same role, alternating with actress Kim Jiwoo (also in Legally Blonde).

Not entirely sure what the musical is about, but it looks to be kind of a comedy. ^^
4th-Jan-2011 04:31 pm - [fic] Allergy; Yunho/Lina; g
➽ and I regret to say that it's time to
Title: Allergy
Pairing: Lina/Yunho
Length: one-shot
Rating: g
Genre: fluff
Summary: Jiyeon is just simply allergic to boys
A/N: foraoza

(So what you're trying to tell me is.....Jaejoong hyung is gay?)
23rd-Nov-2010 06:16 pm - CSJH Stephanie's news !
I already posted this on another CSJH's community but I really want to share : It's stephanie's news ! (found this on the website KoME)


Credits : KoME
18th-Sep-2010 11:03 pm - Fanfic: All I Need Is My Buddies
rana name
All I Need Is My Buddies
by Rana Eros

(CSJH, OT4, app. 2000 words)
Zombies and ice cream -- what more do you need to know?
Author's Notes: Man, this took a while to write, and I still didn't manage porn. But then, what is porn compared to zombies and ice cream? Betaed by Eliza, title from the Beatles by way of Joe Cocker.

All I Need Is My BuddiesCollapse )

To anyone going to Live at SMTOWN LIVE '10 Please read!

On September 4th, 2010 SMTOWN is hosting a concert in LA, CSJH The Grace will be attending. DANA, Sunday, and Lina will be at this concert to preform. Sadly Stephanie will not be attending because her school does not allow public promotion prior to graduation.

Any Shapley's going to attend please help us promote our love for CSJH The Grace, this will be their first performance in the US and their first promotion in almost two years.

Being such a huge CSJH fan it really breaks my heart going to this concert and barely hearing anyone speak about The Grace, knowing there are going to people in attendance who don't even know CSJH because of their long absence. Smtown may not promote these girls they way should, but we as their fans can support them the way they deserve. If you love CSJH, or if you just like them please help support them. CSJH The Grace are one of the best groups in Korea, they have such beautiful voices, gorgeous faces, and true talent, they need to know that people still love them, that America loves them too.

Their Balloon Color is Pearl Pink!
*Currently we are talking to Korean Shapley about getting the Official Shapley balloons, figuring out the price (ect).
*If we cannot get official ballons, we could make some custom ones its around 40 dollars for 50 custom. But we couldn't find them in pearl pink just light pink, BUT we did find plain Pearl Pink which are 20 dollars for 100 pearl pink plain!
*Anyone wanting to chip in on purchasing these I'd appreciate it.
If I have to though I will buy the pearl pink 100 pack and hand them out at the concert. ^^

*They do not have an official glow stick color BUT its been suggest we use pink colored glow sticks to support them during their performance!
*You can use a sharpie to draw a # sign on them, or if you get more then one try to make the # symbol on them!
*If people again want to help we can buy a pack of 50 pink glow sticks for 24.50!
*If no one helps to purchase these however I will not be handing any out ^^;.

*Pink Roses!
*If you will be close to the stage I would like if all S#apley's buy a single pink rose, and tie a message onto it for CSJH the Grace! Any message you would like to share "CSJH FIGHTING" "I LOVE CSJH" try to avoid singling out one member of the group though as any of them could pick it up!

CSJH we love you!
천상지희 더 그레이스 사랑해요!
(Cheon sang ji hee the Grace sarang hae yo)

We will always wait for you!
항상 기다릴께요!
(hang sang gi da ril ggae yo) N.B. 'a' as in ah

We will never lose hope.
희망을 잃지 않을께요.
(hee mang eul ill ji ahn eul ggae yo)

**In LA we will be going to The LA Flower District the day of the concert in the morning to pick out our roses, it opens at 6AM if there are people who wish to drive there with us please let us know~!(Anyone wanting to go to the flower district with us please check here)

You can make a shirt to support CSJH at the concert, I made a couple designs on CafePress if anyone wants to take a look there. ^^

Anyone not attending the concert (or even if you are), if you'd like to send a message to CSJH please comment a message of support in this post~!

Lets do our best! All CSJH Fans please help. We all need to remember sometimes how wonderful these girls truly are, and try to let them know they have our support here in the USA as well!

Anyone attending the concert please know I will be handing out a limited amount of balloons.

Anyone going to SMTown Live '10 that wants to help in any way, including handing out balloons to Shapleys at the concert please contact me!
I have twitter and facebook, or you may e-mail me at psyhco_bunnie@hotmail.com

Please pass the word on so all Shapley's know this! Share this post, or re-post this message! Any suggestions on how to get our message out more please let me know ^^.

If there is anything else, that you think, we could do to support CSJH The Grace please let me know!

-Shannon Leah
19th-Oct-2009 11:02 pm - 191 icons

→ kpop: snsd, big bang, dbsk, 2ne1, 4minute, shinee, super junior, etc.
→ jpop: boa, namie amuro, koda kumi, ai otsuka, etc.
→ 2 banners, 1 gif

here @ tellme_yourwish
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5th-Oct-2009 10:08 pm - Kpop Female

Kpop Female

SNSD (12)
Victoria f(x) (4)
Csjh (6)
and More
Will be locked in 1 week :)

More Here @[info]tellme_yourwish
16th-Sep-2009 07:50 pm - icons

(96 icons) - jewelry, after school, koda kumi, brown eyed girls, boa, 2ne1, namie amuro, 4minute, wonder girls, kara, super junior, misc.


more icons here @ tellme_yourwish
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6th-Sep-2009 10:25 am - icons

(509 icons) cross fandom (7), snsd (93), shinee (86), dbsk (145), super junior (93), boa (42), csjh the grace (29), f(x) (6)


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