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천상지희 Fan Community

천상지희라는 이름아래 우리는 하나입니다.

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Hello, you have stumbled upon the first 천상지희 The Grace (TSZX The Grace) LiveJournal Fan Community. We are here to support & spread the love for the SM girl group, TSZX The Grace. Please feel free to join & remember to follow the rules!
Like any other community, we have rules to maintain peace & order. Please remember to abide them whenever you post!

1. Do not redistribute any of our files, images & content unless you are given permission. If given permission, credit the poster & the community.
2. Don't promote your own community, forum or website.
3. Love TSZX! Why would be be here if you didn't love them?
Who is TSZX The Grace?
Don't know who TSZX The Grace is? That's okay! You can find a short biography on the girls here.
The coding for the layout was originally provided by sothery & then fully modified by aznanimecat. All images of TSZX The Grace are provided by UN:SPEAKABLE, the First International Fanbase for TSZX The Grace.
Are you a fan of TSZX The Grace? Join UN:SPEAKABLE, the First International Fanbase for the pop acappella quartet. TSZX The Grace's official Korean & Japanese Websites.
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